Struggling Readers Benefit from Online Tutoring


Do you have or know a child that is struggling with reading right now?

What happens to those students who continuously feel frustrated because they have gaps in their reading skills?  After a time, do they give up, lash out or shut down?


I have great news for you!

For over 15 years, I have worked with students whose goal has been to become proficient in English, as well as with those who have possible reading gaps. This can cause them great distress and hardship. I can help! I perform a free online reading assessment as the first step towards online tutoring. I then advise you, the parents, of the results shortly thereafter and discuss possible tutoring services that will benefit your child.


Come onboard with me! The sky is the limit!

Providing private  online tutoring/coaching for kids is enjoyable for both the teacher and your child, since both parties are in their own homes, experiencing a quiet, calm and familiar environment. This is a perfect environment for your child to focus and do their best work during online tutoring sessions. I use up-to-date technology such as Zoom, Bitpaper, Readinga-z, and other websites as needed to deliver tutoring services to you. After the initial assessment, I tailor each class or series of classes  to the needs of your child. I would enjoy being your child's private tutor to help them reach new heights.

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My Services

I provide specific and focussed tutoring or coaching for your child to close their reading gaps. I use the latest technology to make the experience of online tutoring engaging and fun, so your child will  look forward to their next lesson.


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Exciting News

Here is your personal invitation to sign up for a free reading assessment to gather information about your child's reading habits. A report on your child follows shortly, along with steps to move forward with online tutoring. It is a pleasure for me to provide tutoring services to your child/children.

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